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When printing photos, you have to be aware of a few things, or else the result will be less than satisfactory. For instance, you have to account for the page you're printing on, the contents you want to imprint, and the printer device itself. Failing to heed those elements usually results in you having to redo the process, wasting ink for carelessness.

More often than not, there are issues pertaining to how the photo fits on a page. It either comes out overly stretched, doesn't use the space properly — leaving you with white bars around it — or, in rarer cases, the result turns out as it should.

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Using software to resize your photos for certain formats, whilst also enhancing their clarity, wouldn't be a bad call, and ON1 Resize has got you covered on that front. Batch image processing, printer presets, and an intuitive interface are the highlight features of this app.

Upon booting the software, you'll get the option to add the folder containing the photos you would like to resize. Thereafter, interacting with the Resize button will open up the editing menu of the chosen photo: you can crop it based on the printer format presets available in the app, and you can also make some adjustments to its overall look.

Concerning the presets, they are grouped based on the manufacturer and paper type. For instance, there are Canvas, Matte, and Resin Coated options for Canon, and they are also available for HP and Epson printers. Resizing for social media, as well as for e-mail, are some of the other available options.

Whether you're editing one or multiple photos, the workflow is very much alike. Batch processing is done by selecting the images, then clicking the Export button, which will open up a context menu. The menu will offer you the choices of sharpening, tiling, gallery wrapping, and even adding in film grain to the respective elements, each able to be customized per your requirements.

Resize is a solid app. The presets are helpful, and the sharpening feature can be of great aid when you want to enhance the clarity of your photos.


  • Retooled Export — We took over 100 suggestions from our users and have rebuilt Export from the ground up. It is the most powerful export and image converter you can imagine. First, presets are more powerful. You can run them right from the file menu and you can run more than one simultaneously. There are more options for everything. In File Type, you can now create DNGs or export copies of the original. The file renaming is infinitely flexible as is the creation of destinations. You can now use multiple watermarks at the same time and use text or graphics for them. Resizing is more powerful and flexible than ever. And finally, you have control over what metadata is written to exported files. There’s so much more in Export, you just have to try it to see everything it can do now.
  • Apple Silicon Native — ON1 Resize now runs natively on Apple Silicon-based macOS computers. This allows you to take full advantage of the amazing speed of these next-generation Macs.
  • Favorites in Browse — We have added a Favorites pane to Browse to help you access frequently used folders more easily. Simply drag and drop a folder you access frequently to the Favorites pane to create a shortcut to it. You can navigate through the favorites subfolder quickly in the Favorites pane without having to worry about all the folders above it.
  • Customizable Thumbnails — Now you have great flexibility over the appearance of the thumbnails in Browse. You can control what is displayed on them, how big the labels are and when they show up. You can choose and light or dark theme, or normal or square thumbnails.


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