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DUN Manager is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you manage dial-up and broadband connections. You can schedule start and end sessions at certain time and on specific days of the week, as well as monitor the call status of up to nine simultaneous connections or ISDN channels, including those opened by other programs and routed broadband connections (e.g. leased line, 3G routers, broadband, ADSL or cable modems).

The utility can be accessed and controlled via the system tray. A flashing icon is displayed upon online connections. There are a multitude of configuration settings hidden under the hood so you need to dedicate some extra time in order to learn how to make the most out of them.

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DUN Manager reveals a list with all available connections and provide details about the name, status, time, and length. In addition, you are allowed to hang up the current item, reset or redial a connection, get full call details, generate a performance graph, and abort a session.

The application offers you the possibility to set up a new task by selecting between several predefined actions, such as dial or hang up a connection, run or close a custom program, configure alarms with user-defined audio notifications, sync the system clock with an online time server, synchronize files, test servers, upload or download data via FTP, download items via HTTP, check for emails, change a connection telephone number regularly, and automatically manage emails.

Each of the aforementioned scheduled tasks comes with its own set of configuration settings so you can tweak the entire process in detail. Plus, you are allowed to repeat tasks in case of several failed attempts, and send emails at the end of a task and include log information.

DUN Manager Keygen helps you start VPN calls upon online dial-up connections, view a warning icon when a routed connection is down, set up automatic disconnection options to avoid remaining online, block certain call sessions at specific time, as well as reconnect dropped calls and stop them at custom time or after a specified period.

What’s more, you are given the freedom to drop and redial calls after a period, alternate numbers upon busy sessions, gain access to detailed connection activity logs for identifying problems, keep session logs with details about calls (including cost and data volume, which can be exported to Excel), generate reports (e.g. ISP usage, successful and failed connections), and store logs of non-RAS calls (like fax).

Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to dial and hang up calls remotely via a web browser, export connection entries for backup purposes, as well as work with various diagnostic tools, such as traceroute, ping host, finger, nslookup, WHOIS, and a Telnet terminal.

To sum things up, DUN Manager comes bundled with a comprehensive package of features for helping you monitor dial-up and broadband connections, and is suitable especially for professional users.


  • The 'HTTP Download' Scheduled Task has a new 'Parse Level' option used with 'Parse HTML for Linked Files' which searches a web pages for download links matching the 'File Name Mask', like '*.avi'. If level to set to one or higher, DUN Manager also parses HTML pages linked from the specified page looking for matching files (*.* not allowed). Only files on the same web site are searched, beware too many levels can potentially cause hundreds of pages to be searched, so increase level one at a time. This feature is primarily designed to download movies and stills from CCTV camera memory cards, whose files can be accessed by a web browser indexing one directory level per web page, usually date, then sub-directories on that date, finally lots of still and movie files, at level 2.
  • When parsing POP3 email headers, the mail date is now converted to local time rather than being shown as the time zone from where the email was sent. This means emails will sort by date correctly and show the correct time when sent via a different country. If also using MailMaint, please update to a version of the same or later date at the same time since the mail archives are shared.


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