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CycoreFX HD is an Adobe After Effects plugin set that upgrades the bundled CycoreFx within After Effects with over 10 additional plugins and various other features.

CycoreFX HD is the extended 16 bpc version of the CycoreFX package, containing 71 professional effects for Adobe After Effects.

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The CycoreFX HD package features improved versions and 10 additional plug-ins not included in the standard version. Also included are 9 plug-ins that now also supports 32 bpc (float).

The effects from CycoreFX HD range from blurs and color adjustments through distortions and particle generators to lighting and transitions, making it one of the most complete plug-in packages available.

The particle effects within CycoreFX HD allows for the creation of anything from rain, snow, explosions and sparkling fountains to massive smoke screens and liquid mercury streams. Particle World, with built-in After Effects camera support, enables you to create animations that fly directly through the animated particles.

Other CycoreFX HD effects let you create blobby and glossy cut-outs, vortex distortions, warping effects, page turns and stunning light bursts in your compositions. Turn any source into an array of rotating and twisting balls, a kaleidoscope, a ripple wave or a sphere.

With CycoreFX HD you can add motion blur to other effects and use blobby particles to create the illusion of writing with a glue gun, to name a few examples.

Using 16 bpc (trillions of colors) and 32 bpc (float) allows for higher precision when doing compositing and effects work.

CycoreFX HD's higher precision can be of benefit even if your input and output is 8-bit color per channel SDTV (PAL or NTSC), using more information to perform color transformations and calculating effects allows to keep more detail and cause less harm to your footage. This results in a more accurate representation of your original footage and improves quality of your output.

CC Cross Blur Cross Blur creates separate horizontal and vertical blurs that are composited together, using the selected tranfer mode. Features controls for Radius X and Y, Transfer Mode and edge pixel behavior. This allows you to, in a single step, create interesting and different looking blur effects that previously required multiple layers, effects and transfer modes.

Color Neutralizer is a color balance effect intended to be used to neutralize tinted footage by adjusting hue and saturation while maintaining as much of the original lightness values as possible. Three references of lightness can be controlled separately: Shadows, Midtones and Highlights. Each reference can be controlled using a color picker and sliders. The color picker will remove the selected color and the sliders will add the values set.

Kernel is a 3 x 3 convolution filter. This is a way to perform basic color calculations on pixels and can be used to create effects such as gaussian blur, sharpen, emboss and find edges, the possibilities are almost endless. Animation Presets are included to illustrate some of the effects that can be performed and will provide you with a starting point to experiment with your own ideas.

Threads is an effect that generates a pattern of interleaved threads on the source layer. Features controls for Width, Height, Overlap, Center, Coverage, Shadowing and Texture. This allows you to create unique and interesting patterns that can for example be used as an animated, or a static, background.

Environment is a filter that enables the use of HDRI images as environments in compositions where an AE comp camera is present and active. Environment supports three types of HDRI images, Spherical Map (Equirectangular), Light Probe (Angular Map) and Vertical Cross. Features controls for horizontal panning and texture filtering. Supports native adaptive motion blur.

Note. No matter what some other plug-in vendor claim, CC Environment has been around for years enabling the use of HDRI images as environments, to produce a QuickTime VR like experience inside AE.

Plastic is a surface filter that texturizes the layer using a bump map. Light and shading parameters, similar to 3D programs, enable extensive control over surface appearance from basic matte emboss effects to shiny plastic wrap effects. Includes controls to cutout parts of the effect. Supports AE lights.

Block Load is an effect that simulates a progressive loading of the source layer, similar to how some gif and jpeg images were loaded on older websites. Completion refers to number of bytes, or pixels, loaded. Scans affects how many times the layer will be refined before it has been fully loaded, i.e when Completion reaches 100%.

Line Sweep is a transition effect that will wipe the source layer line by line where thickness, overlap and angle can be controlled.

WarpoMatic is a filter for creating warped transitions between two layers based on the selected channel, or "Reactor". Also features controls for determining the Warp Amount, Direction, Smoothness and Blend Span.

CC Overbrights (32 bpc only)

Overbrights is a utility to quickly identify areas of overbright colors in 32 bpc projects (float). Each channel selection, RGB, Lightness or Luminance, offers two view options, clipped or solid, where clipped options display overbright values in the selected Clip Color and solid options extract and display overbright values only, colorized in red, green and blue to easy identify the RGB channel they were found in. Overbrights is the perfect companion to effects such as Levels and Exposure, where every adjustment of overbright values can viewed instantly and controlled with high accuracy.


  • Adobe After Effects
  • Demo version renders a green watermark.


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