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PrintFile is a freeware MS Windows solution that will allow you to print files fast and easily.

The program recognizes plain text, PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and binary formats. Using this program can save you a lot of paper and thereby also saving valuable natural resources.

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PrintFile can also act as a print spooler, watching a specified directory for files. Whenever a file appears in that directory it will automatically be printed.

When printing text files PrintFile makes a configurable page layout of the text contents. Several logical pages can be placed on one page of physical paper (referred to as n-up printing). There are also several other configurable options controlling the layout.

Text files can be printed on any printer that has a Windows printer driver. Text copied to the clipboard can also be printed in the same manner as text files. PrintFile Keygen can also do user configurable Pretty Printing of text files. Keywords and comments can be highlighted using different font styles and colors. This function is primarily intended for source code files.

Non text files are sent files directly to a Windows printer. In this case the program can be seen as a Windows replacement for the DOS command "copy/b filename LPTx" . However, unlike the DOS command, PrintFile works well with network printers that do not have a connection to any LPTx.

Although this function is mainly intended for printing PostScript files, it could be used just as well for any file created by the "Print to File" option available for most Windows printer drivers.

Such a print file can for instance be created on a PC without a printer and then be moved to another PC that has a printer, and there be sent to the printer using PrintFile.


  • When printing text files in earlier versions of PrintFile it has only been possible to specify either the number of lines that should fit into one logical page, or the number of characters that should fit into one line of text. The standard ratio for the font implicitly selected the value that was not specified. In this version however, it is possible to specify both values, and in that case the character ratio will be adjusted accordingly.
  • A minor bug in the de-installation program, that in some cases prevented the removal of the PrintFile entry in the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel dialog, has been fixed.


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