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Wall Street Raider is a detailed financial simulator that enables consumers to amass money, acquire their own business or start one from anything and build a corporate fiefdom, using both legal or more underhanded means. In building their fiefdom, guys must brave natural, human and economic catastrophes.

The main door of the app can feel a little overwhelming with its numerous alternatives, spacebar and statistics. However, most of the app's things and functionality are neatly grouped into the several classifications. The left way of the door exhibits metals market, a the gesture for the currently selected business or corporation and the guy's equation paper.

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Search and study things are grouped above and below the announcement headlines, shares and play the exhibits. These enable consumers to plan their steps and predict the best way of something.

Purchases, which are steps the guy can undertake, and the play's entrees have their own dedicated places above the shares paraphrase blacklist.

In that to survive, guys, just like in real way, must keep themselves up-to-date with the current the of both their foes and every other financial corporation in the play. All of these are simulated in specifics and the details is available through multiple screens.

Consumers can take various steps based on the details provided. They can trade financials or metals, buy out firms, engage in discrimination and rumor-spreading against their rivals.

Once in a but, consumers are faced with decisions of a moral kind. Guys owning large offensive and aeronautics companies might be approached foreign countries looking to buy missle advice gizmo for nefarious things. These decisions help keep play-play interesting.

This engrossing and comprehensive simulator can provide a hurdle for even the most confident and well versed strategist or gamecube.


  • It's a sign of the times....Inflation has come to Wall Street Raider! (No, not to the price of the game, which hasn't changed since mid-2014.) In the simulation, inflation is not all bad; this release adds an inflation factor to the price of gold and silver, which will tend to gradually appreciate, all other things being equal, at about 4% a year above an assumed initial price of $1,200 per Troy ounce. (Indexing stops after 35 years of play, which is the "standard" game length.) Thus, buying and holding physical gold, or buying long-term (5-year) futures will tend to be more profitable for gold and silver investors, since their prices will now have an inflationary bias. This will tend to make precious metals somewhat of an inflation hedge, though not a great investment, unless your timing is very good.
  • As requested by a number of players, Bitcoin has been added as a new asset class to trade in Wall Street Raider, and we have also added Ethereum, another popular crypto-currency. As in the real world, we have made the price action in both cryptos EXTREMELY volatile, as pure speculations, and both also include an inflationary bias, as with the precious metals. Thus, both of the cryptos are also somewhat of an inflation hedge, if you are not wiped out by the extreme price fluctuations in the interim!
  • We have also added a new (but rare) scenario, where Bitcoin may be banned by most of the world's major nations. While it will not be completely eliminated if that occurs, as it will still be legal in a few countries like Belarus or Bangladesh, its price will take an enormous plunge of 90% or more and won't ever significantly recover from the banning during the rest of the game. This danger adds another element of risk to your trading in Bitcoin, which is already wildly volatile, both in this simulation and the real world, where China has already decided to ban the use of Bitcoin.
  • Some players have been critical of the antitrust rules in Wall Street Raider (corporate antitrust damage suits and government fines, forced divestitures, and restrictions on anti-competitive takeovers), saying that these rules, as in the real world, make it difficult for the criminally-minded create a good monopoly in an industry. Accordingly, as was suggested, we have added a new "Cheat Menu" item that now lets you turn off either the private antitrust suits or the government fines and interventions, or turn off both. We trust that making the simulation lawless will evoke memories of the "robber baron" days of the late 1800s, when there were few, if any, laws against monopolies. The only downside of this new cheat is that it will disqualify all the players from setting a "personal best" high score in that game.


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