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SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 is a Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component designed by industry veterans for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET provides C#, Visual Basic .NET, Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Web Services developers the tool they need to leverage the existing skills of Excel users by allowing these users to receive and analyze richly formatted information, design reports, specify business rules, set up complex calculations and provide tables of data in a form in which they are both knowledgeable and comfortable.

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SpreadsheetGear for .NET features the fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculation engine available. All of Excel's financial, date, time, text, lookup, math, trigonometry, statistical and database functions are supported. SpreadsheetGear for .NET is 100 percent safe managed code, yet because it is designed for modern CPU architectures, it advances the state of the art in spreadsheet performance.

Here are some key features of "SpreadsheetGear for NET":

■ Create, read, modify, view, edit, format, calculate, print and write Microsoft Excel (versions 97 and higher) workbooks without Excel.

■ Fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculation engine available (significantly faster than Excel).

■ Rich Windows Forms Spreadsheet Control with FormulaBar, WorkbookDesigner, WorkbookExplorer and RangeExplorer.

■ Copy and insert DataTables into pre-formatted ranges with complete formula, border and format fixups.

■ Easily convert entire workbooks or specific ranges to a DataSet or DataTable.

■ Copy, transpose and consolidate across cells, worksheets, workbooks and workbook sets.

■ Insert, delete and clear rows, columns and cells.

■ Supports 64K worksheets, unlimited workbooks and unlimited workbook sets.

■ Copy, insert and move entire worksheets.

■ Royalty free client and server deployment.

■ WorkbookView spreadsheet control provides viewing, navigation and editing support which is familiar to Excel users.

■ In-cell editing and optional FormulaBar control provide the ability to enter and edit cell values and formulas, including support for pointing at cell references in formulas across worksheets and workbooks.

■ Smart data entry with automatic recognition and formatting of dates, times, percentages, currency, scientific notation and fractions will be familiar to Excel users.

■ WorkbookDesigner provides an MDI Windows application which may be used from within Visual Studio 2005 at design time and by applications at run time.

■ WorkbookExplorer provides the ability to manipulate workbooks, worksheets and defined names as well as their properties.

■ RangeExplorer provides extensive modeless formatting of the currently selected range with support for alignment, merged cells, borders, fonts, colors, patterns, number formats and protection options.

■ Support for 64K worksheets in each workbook and unlimited workbooks associated with each WorkbookView.

■ DisplayReference and DisplayReferenceName properties allow complete control over what appears for each sheet tab, including the ability to make multiple workbooks appear as one workbook and the ability to specify dynamically changing ranges using worksheet functions such as OFFSET().

■ Cut, copy and paste support including rich data and formatting interchange with Excel and full formula fixups.

■ Frozen rows and columns, split panes, zoom, multi-level undo/redo, autofit rows and columns, goto, clear, printing, print preview, interruptible background calculation, real time workbook updates and more.

■ Full integration with Visual Studio 2005 including the ability to use the WorkbookDesigner, WorkbookExplorer and RangeExplorer at design time and at runtime.

■ Fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculation engine available in a spreadsheet component.

■ All financial, date, time, text, lookup, math, trigonometry, statistical and database functions.

■ All types, operators, defined names, data tables and arrays.

■ Interruptible background calculation.

■ Support for 64K worksheets and unlimited workbooks in formulas.

■ Worksheet specific defined names and global defined names.

■ Custom functions, minimal recalc, iteration, precision as displayed and more.

■ Copy formulas between cells, worksheets, workbooks and workbook sets with full support for reference fixups.

■ Insert and delete worksheets, rows, columns and cells with full support for reference fixups.

■ Cut, copy and paste with full support for smart reference fixups across multiple worksheets and workbooks.

■ Special care was taken with numerical stability.

■ Number formats, including full support for getting and setting Excel compatible custom number formats as well as getting the formatted text of a cell as Excel would display it.

■ Copy formats without affecting formulas or values.

■ Merged cells.

■ Horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, word wrap and shrink to fit.

■ Grouping/outlining (not yet supported in WorkbookView control).

■ Fonts.

■ Borders.

■ Colors and patterns.

■ Enable or disable worksheet protection and cell locking.

■ Automatic row heights and column widths.

■ Read and write data validation settings for cells.

■ Reads and writes charts, pictures, text and drawing objects.

■ Maintains gradients, fonts, number formats, etc...

■ Charts, pictures, text and drawing objects are copied when a complete worksheet is copied.

■ Chart series data sources are fixed up as needed when worksheets and cells are copied, inserted and deleted.

■ Supports defined names as series data sources which provides the ability to modify data sources with the IName.RefersTo property.

■ Supports Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1, Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 and 64-Bit Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 (WorkbookView control requires .NET 2.0).

■ Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 integration, including IntelliSense and Dynamic Help.

■ The security of 100 percent safe managed code.

■ Hassle free deployment with a single assembly (SpreadsheetGear.dll).

■ No license keys, registry entries or configuration files to deal with.

■ No dependency on Microsoft Excel, which is not supported in a server environment.

■ Easy to use API which will be familiar to Excel VBA and COM developers.


■ Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


■ 30 days trial.


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