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The Internet is filled with all sort of software solutions for various professions or hobbies. Maud is a nice program that allows you to analyze materials and textures fast.

It uses multiple tools to perform a comprehensive analysis on diffraction spectra and obtain crystal structures. You can also use it for analyzing the quantity of phrases, as well as for texture and residual stress.

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The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. The graphical interface is quite intuitive, with plenty of tools at hand and a layout that makes it easy to load various datasets and analyze diffraction spectra.

It comes with some samples and examples that you can check out, so you would know what to expect before you actually start working on your own projects.

Maud allows you to open multiple datasets in order to analyze files and perform calculations. You can view datasets in plots, plots 2D or residuals 2D.

It displays the name of the file at the bottom of the screen, together with values, minimum and maximum values, errors, status and more. You can zoom in on graphs and adjust information inside datasets and loaded files.

It comes with some changes that you can make to the interface, change the layout and pick from one of the many available. You can also add new objects to datasets, save objects to CIF files or other datasets.

It's packed with some analysis that you can make, there's the option to enable texture extraction/computation, strain extraction, structure factor, background interpolation and more. Y

ou can adjust the refinement model, set the quantity to minimize, use theoretical weights and more. All in all, Maud Keygen is a very nice software solution for analyzing textures, as it's packed with lots of useful tools and features.


  • Fixed an error in loading the GSAS parameter file. To fix it temporarily MAUD now loads only the function 1: PRCF1 and ignore the others. There is a second change that concern how texture angles are calculated. There was a mistake in the eta angles tensor that affected the texture angles calculation. To correct it now Maud considers that the eta angle follow a left handed system when viewed from the source as for the others tensors. In most cases this only affected the reference system for the texture, but in few cases (X-ray in reflection with both eta and chi angles different than zero) it it affected also the absorption correction computation. In this version the eta angle is inverted in the calculations resulting in the correct angles calcultation for all cases and a better absorption correction for some cases. But this will change the computation for the old refinements when the eta angle is involved (from the angular calibration to the texture orientation). So to keep the old analysis files still working in this release, Maud also inverts the eta angles set for each datafile when it detects a version of the file older than this release. So your calculation will remain the same. For all the new analyses be careful you may need to redo the calibration also if the eta angles are used, and the texture may look inverted respect to the vertical axis in the pole figures. To check the difference between the old and the new way to compute texture (and absorption) angles, you can switch between the new and old computation using the Maud preference "testing.invertEta". If it is true the new (correct) calculation is used, false otherwise. Keep in mind that old analyses when loaded from an analysis file will have eta inverted before the calculation (in the angle setting for each datafile) in order to compensate the inversion in the calculation.


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